Filmmakers Terms and Conditions

NetIndie does not require exclusivity, although films that are exclusive to NetIndie tend to do better on our service. Obviously if you re available everywhere our subscribers don’t feel a need to pay to watch your content on our service.

Filmmakers are paid for views of their projects. Payments are calculated based on the number of views and the total number of subscribers in our community. The more people we have int he community and the more views you have the higher your participation in those revenues are.

All copyrights and ownership of the content submitted to NetIndie remains property of the filmmaker or content creator. As such the content creator is also responsible for all licenses or royalties to people or properties involved in their production. By submitting your project to NetIndie you represent that you own the rights to the project you have submitted to us. Any disputes regarding ownership of material that you submit to the NetIndie library will be your responsibility alone.

If content is discovered to have questionable ownership it will be removed from the NetIndie library until ownership can be legally established but he proper owner. Establishing ownership of material in question shall be the responsibility of the owner.

By submitting to NetIndie filmmakers and content creations agree that their works may be used in promotions of the NetIndie service which may include commercials, website images, trailers, movie theater advertising, social media advertising, magazine and print advertising, reviews, blogs or any other marketing or advertising that NetIndie may participate in.

Payments to filmmakers are currently issued monthly to the payment information provided by the filmmaker. If no payment information is provided a check will be sent to the address provided at your registration. If those details ever change it is the responsibility of the filmmaker to notify us of those changes.

It is not required for a filmmakers or content provider to be a paid subscriber to NetIndie but we do encourage you to do so and encourage your network to do the same. Obviously being a member also helps you see what content on our service is relevant and successful, allowing you to create the same. In addition, filmmakers find our service to be beneficial for networking, collaboration and creation as ours is a community of active filmmakers.

Submissions to the NetIndie Film Awards or the NetIndie Film Festival are separate submissions than submission or inclusion in the NetIndie catalog.

NetIndie reserves the right to refuse or remove content that does not meet with our standards of quality or that does not align with our programming mandate. We do not publish pornography, hate or defamatory content, actual violent content or anything else we may deem extreme, offensive or questionable in nature. If in doubt please enquire prior to submission.

NetIndie also reserves the right to exclude content that may be solicitation or sales promotions like infomercials, sales of coaching or mentorship programs, product demonstrations or similar style pitches or include paid product placement or sales pitches from third party organizations.

Examples of appropriate content for submissions to NetIndie include, but are not limited to short films (all genres), music videos, video podcasts & talk/interview shows, web series & episodic programming, documentaries, experimental films, student films, animation, movie trailers, behind the scenes, stand up comedy, concerts, live music, lectures & seminars, personal development.

Filmmakers and content providers may submit as many projects as they wish. However each project is accepted or rejected on its own merit.

By submitting the filmmaker or content provider agrees to hold NetIndie harmless should any and all concerns or issues arise that may arise from content contained in our library.

If you have questions or need clarification on anything above please feel free to contact us at