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NetIndie Submission Guidelines

How can I submit my work?

After activating your membership and completing a filmmaker profile, you'll find the submission link within the filmmaker page. This will allow you to submit project descriptions and upload thumbnails for our library.

What kinds of projects does NetIndie Accept?

NetIndie accepts a variety of film and video projects for our library. The following is a list of the projects that we accept for monetization on our our platform. This is not a complete list as we are always looking for new and creative projects to offer to our subscribers.  All of the following are eligible to earn money in our library:

Short films

Feature films

Web series

Episodic programs

Reality TV



Experimental films

Movie trailers

Music videos

Education & Personal development


Podcasts & Talk shows

Behind the scenes

Concerts & Events

Student films

… And more!

What are the costs?

NetIndie aims to keep our submission costs competitive with those of film festivals. To submit your content, all you need is an active filmmaker subscription costing $4.99. As a member, you can submit unlimited films for inclusion in the NetIndie library. Your films will stay active in our system as long as your membership remains active.

Are there projects you will not accept?

NetIndie maintains a firm stance against content that promotes pornography or propagates hate. We reserve the right to decline any content that raises concerns or incites controversy. Furthermore, submissions that do not meet our quality standards may also be turned down, as we strive to ensure our platform features only high-quality content.

How many projects can I submit?

There is no limit to how many projects you may submit to NetIndie

How does the payment work?

Payment to filmmakers is calculated based on the number of views their projects attract. Instead of assigning a fixed per-view payment, NetIndie apportions 20% of total subscriber revenue each month, based on the number of views within our system. This means the number of subscribers and the popularity of your film directly affect your payment. Our model ensures fair revenue distribution to our filmmakers.

Additional Benefits for Filmmakers on NetIndie

Projects featured in the NetIndie library can also enter to be considered for the NetIndie Awards and our international NetIndie film festivals. These events offer not only recognition and a chance to meet your audience, but also excellent networking opportunities with fellow filmmakers.