NetIndie Sponsorships

NetIndie is committed to connecting and working with as many filmmakers as possible. For this reason we have launched an extensive sponsorship program which includes sponsoring film festivals, film related events, fan expos, premiere events, special screenings and even creation of films themselves.

While we cannot promise that we are able to support every request we get we are going to do everything we can. To be considered for sponsorship support please message our sponsorship team or our CEO directly.

Please include:

  • Event or project name

  • A brief description of the event or project

  • Dates of the event or project

  • Location

  • An estimate of how many will be attending or involved

  • A wish list of what kind of support you are hoping to have NetIndie provide

  • Your name and contact details (Please include a phone number)

This doesn’t need to be a massive formal presentation. If you’ve been a filmmaker for any length of time you’ve probably been frightened by some of the government grant application or tax credit forms. Let’s not do that.

Anyways, once you’ve got your details together simply send them by email to Be sure to include NetIndie Sponsorships in the subject line.

We look forward to working with you,